Mind of a Writer

I normally don’t do this…

I normally don’t do this, but i’m desperate …well sorta. Finally deciding to take my writing to the next step (entering contests and such) I need “beta” readers of sorts. Any gender or age (At least for most of it) is fine. Please, I realize that I may not know many of my followers, but if you’d all be so kind and wonderful as to help me out I’d appreciated it. It’s a few chapters (really only a handful of pages) And i just need some feedback from people I’ve never met/seen/know. 

This will probably be ignored by some most people, and is not my usual post. But again fresh eyes and thoughts help. You can be as hard as you like or as nice. I just need feedback to clarify details and such.

If you happen to be interested, please message me for details or questions. 

Thank you!